Following changes to our banking system, you may be asked for your Account Number, Contract Number or Relationship Number. These numbers can be found on online banking and on your banking statement.

You might need to delete your temporary internet files (also known as cache) if you’re having a hard time entering your 16-digit credit card number or if the financial account number field isn’t appearing. Or give us a call if you’re having trouble: 604.877.4999 or 1.800.611.8472.

Whether you want to build your savings, pay down a loan or add to your portfolio, you can choose from a wide variety of Vancity financial rewards that will help you achieve your long-term financial goals much sooner.

What are my options?

Make an investment

  Minimum Redemption $ Equivalent
RRSP term deposit 50,000 points $500
TFSA term deposit 50,000 points $500
Non-registered term deposit 50,000 points $500
Invest in mutual funds and securities** 50,000 points $500
Invest in a Credential Direct® account** 50,000 points $500
Invest in an RESP account 50,000 points $500           

Make a deposit

  Minimum Redemption $ Equivalent
RRSP Jumpstart® Savings account 5000 points $50
TFSA Jumpstart® Savings account 5000 points $50
Non-registered Jumpstart® Savings account  5000 points $50
Business Jumpstart® Savings account  5000 points $50

Jumpstart® is a registered trademark of Vancouver City Savings Credit Union

Make a payment

  Minimum Redemption $ Equivalent
Mortgage payment 10,000 points $100
Personal loan payment 10,000 points $100
Line of Credit payment 5,000 points $50
enviro™ Visa* payment 5,000 points $50

To invest your rewards in mutual funds, securities or RESP, please contact your Credential Asset Management Inc. Mutual Funds Investment Specialist or Credential Securities Investment Inc. Advisor, or call 604.829.5560 to speak with an Investment Professional. Click here to request for a meeting with an investment professional.

Need guidance?

Need help understanding your financial redemption options? Call us at 604.877.4999, or toll free from outside of the Greater Vancouver area at 1.800.611.8472 to talk to a Visa Cardholder Care representative.
All financial redemptions will be processed in the PST time zone.